Prince Tut’s Earrings

In Chapter One of Sun Child, Prince of Egypt, Prince Tut is described wearing these earrings that only boys wore: “

Tut's Duck EarringsThe young boy prince stood proudly facing the approaching Sun God with out-stretched arms and
offered little bouquets of swamp flowers, lotus and papyrus he had gathered along the way. He glowed in the sun, the elegant little prince in his sharply pleated short white kilt and a tight-sleeved shirt of light green linen, wide-collared in gold, red and blue, and a jeweled girdle slanted over his slim hips. The wide black braided sidelock of youth hung thickly over his right shoulder and little jeweled ducks swung from large posts in each earlobe. Chapter One Preview

An detailed description of how the earrings were made and worn and when from TourEgypt.

Compared, however, with the countless representations of female wearers of earrings, the number of representations of male wearers is very small and, in the main, confined to young princes.

René O’Deay